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Prestwood Etheridge & Russell Ltd
Independent Financial Planners & Investment Advisers - established in 1975
Telephone: 01384 872137     Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Client Comments:

“I have been a very satisfied client of Paul Etheridge’s Financial Planning service for twenty years and am therefore very happy to provide this testimonial.

I can say without hesitation that the use of the service has proved to be an outstanding investment decision.

The advantages of a disciplined annual review of cash-flow, tax, investment, estate and catastrophe planning are obvious. However, what makes the service so unique is Paul’s outstanding personal knowledge and experience, encapsulated in superb software, developed and refined over many years.

That software enables ‘what if’ assumptions to be explored during the review. So, by forecasting cash flow interactively, the financial implications of even the most fundamental lifestyle changes can be understood immediately. The confidence that such a facility instils is, in my view, its greatest value and that value is incalculable.”

DW (Surrey)

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