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To make you aware of the objectives of the Foundation and to request your support.

Introduction - a problem:
Some years ago Prestwood carried out some research into clients' attitudes to charitable donations and discovered that whilst most clients were not opposed to helping deserving causes they did not support charities to a greater extent for four specific reasons:-

  1. nobody had asked them to, and/or
  2. they felt that too much money is taken out of the major charities in the form of running expenses, and/or
  3. they were disinclined to support the same charity for a number of consecutive years (at that time the only tax efficient way of supporting a charity was by means of a seven year Deed of Covenant), and/or
  4. they did not feel 'involved' with any particular charity and were too divorced from the 'sharp end'.

The Prestwood Foundation - a solution:
The Prestwood Foundation offers an answer to the points outlined above in that:-

  1. We are asking for your support - please!
  2. Nothing is taken out of the Foundation's funds for expenses. All costs are paid by Prestwood Etheridge Holdings Limited.
  3. Support can be given tax efficiently by means of Gift Aid (minimum donation 250), Deeds of Covenant (over at least 4 years) or by cheque or bequest for any amount.
  4. You can suggest beneficiaries and be 'involved' if you wish.
  5. The objective set out in the Foundation's Trust Deed includes anything which falls within the legal definition of charity but it has concentrated on two principal areas of activity - helping young people and supporting projects for the general good of the community.

    Over the years support has been given to many good causes, including the following:- Army Benevolent Fund, Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department (gift of an ambulance sled), British Heart Foundation, British Paraplegic Sports Society, British Schools Exploring Society, Brook Hospital for Animals, Cancer Research UK, Christian Aid, The Children's Society, CSV People for People, Grateful Society, Hospices in various parts of the country, Jubilee Appeal for Commonwealth Veterans, Kinver Roteract, Kinver War Memorial, Mencap, London Immunotherapy Cancer Trust, Midlands Air Ambulance, Museum of Worcester Porcelain, Operation Raleigh, PINNT (the charity for patients on intravenous therapy), Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Russells Hall Hospital, Russells Hall Intensive Care Unit, Stroud Meningitis Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Wiltshire Blind Association, Worcester Royal Infirmary Intensive Care Unit.

    If you may be willing to help by a donation or by a bequest in your will please contact Paul Etheridge at:

    The Prestwood Foundation
    Beauchamp House,
    West Midlands
    DY7 5AF
    Telephone: 01384 872137
    Fax: 01384 872318

    The Trustees of the Foundation are:

    • Paul Etheridge, MBE, TD, JP, MBA (Founder and Chairman)
    • Richard Etheridge
    • Wing Commander Lawrence Russell, RAF(Ret'd)
    • Judy Etheridge
    • Sarah Etheridge

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